Our lives seem to be forever changing. Homeschooling Short Stuff, our deaf daughter, has always been a roller coaster. Mostly because of her other learning disabilities, not her deafness. We did experience two years at the state deaf school and that last year was such a battle with her. But after a lot of discussing, praying, and researching options, we have decided to enroll her back into the public school system.

Oh, we didn't give up on her at home! She just has some demanding needs that we just haven't been able to meet and it has interfered with the other children's education. With the move into town, we are now closer and services are much more accessible too. 

At this point we don't know what services the school will provide. We are taking this one little step at a time. So Thursday she will go and tour the campus and soon we will meet with the IEP team to see what is the best fit for Short Stuff. This is the first time we had several viable options. We have always lived in small school districts, that had two choices. And one wasn't a viable one for her. But there are advantages to small school districts too.

I want to assure all my readers that this website will continue and I will still add new content here. I still homeschool two other special needs kids and have (almost) three littles. Plus I will be doing learning helps with Short Stuff in the afternoons as she needs more help.

I'm actually kind of excited that I get to "help" teach instead of being the main teacher. I won't be frustrated with her by the end of the day and when she comes home from school, I will take her aside and talk about her day. We have already made a family plan, that the hour after she gets home is her hour with Mom. 

Making these decisions are never easy. So please join me in prayer as we embark on a new journey. 

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