We have enjoyed the last 30 days using the Time for Learning online program for my 1st grader, 5th grader and 6th grader. I will start off this review by saying it did not work for my deaf child and I deleted her account after the first day. It relies heavily on listening and reading, two of my deaf daughter's weaknesses. If your deaf child is a strong reader, this would be a great program.

My 5th and 6th graders have issues with focus and processing, yet they both did well with the program. If they were not familiar with a term, such as homophones, they could click on "I haven't learned this yet" and it would teach them. Loved it! I'm not a fan of sitting in front of a screen of any kind for hours on end, so we only used the language arts and math programs, but they also offer science, social studies, art and language arts extension classes. The graphics and videos were engaging and fun. My kids loved it and I never had to fight them over doing their computer time. With doing the two subjects they spent about 1.5 hours a day on the computer. I finished up regular school with our books.  

The first grader equally loved her computer time. I always did book work with her first and her reward was working on the computer. I found the program challenging, yet flexible.

I was able to set up each subject at whatever grade level the student was currently working. This way my older students were doing the same language arts programs, but different math programs due to their grade levels. 

Overall, I loved the program and highly recommend it. Especially for large families that need some independent work time or for beginning homeschoolers that want a little extra guidance. The biggest pitfall of the program is the price. It is $20/mo per child. Way out of my price range unfortuantely. It requires internet access, but most families have access to that. Since it doesn't require a download a student can work on any computer. 


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