Oh please come in! Welcome to our "special" place full of noise, talking with our hands, picture charts, lots of curriculum, therapy, and general chaos! We really aren't that much different, just have to approach things from a different direction.

Our deaf and oldest child requires her own schedule. There is little she can do with the others. This is for several reasons.
  • Reading and signing at the same time is very difficult for mom.
  • Her reading skills are so far behind her brother and sister they are rarely covering the same material.
  • Short Stuff also lacks myelin in her brain, causing other processing issues. This limits her is some ways, so her education heavily focuses on life skills. 

We teach her the same subjects as the others so they are all learning similar things, we just have to tailor it to her. And as seen in the picture above, she is gifted in many other ways! She is holding up her first quit! 

Little Man always adds his own excitement to the house! Diagnosed with ADHD and slow processing speeds, I dove into a world of altering his diet in an effort to avoid drugging my child. After testing, we discovered he couldn't handle gluten or casein. So for a year and a half now, Little Man eats an entirely different diet than the rest of us. It is amazing the difference!! Email me if you want more info.

He is my strongest reader and that is such a blessing! He reads everything - including the manual to his digital camera. His other love is chickens. Here is a picture of him proudly displaying his egg candling box. 

Since we just recently changed his diet, school had always been a struggle. So he has been playing catch up this past year. If things continue to go as they have been, he should be all caught up by the end of this coming school year! He is finally to a point where he can work independently. Having many children and them all needing lots of individual attention is exhausting. I am enjoying this next phase of homeschooling! 

Tinker . . . well she is always in her own world. I had to include a picture of her with the goats, because she truly would live int he barn if we let her. She was also diagnosed with slow processing speeds, but has her own take on the world. She is one of those kids always floating around . . .  and running into things . . . and falling out of chair . . . and tripping over her feet . . .

She has eye tracking issues and her reading is laborous, but she doesn't give up and comprehends what she reads. So she does love to read. She does most of her schooling with Little Man. Right now, they are only one grade apart so much of what they do can easily been done together. Tinker's care does require occupational therapy, but she enjoys it. 

And then in comes the littles! Sprout is 4, but doing kindergarten this year. This is where I have employed the big kids. Each older child has an activity each day to do with Sprout. They love teaching her and she loves the attention. 

Peanut does a great job of ripping the house to shreds while the rest of us work. :) But that is what the 4:00 cleanup is for!

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