I have avoided "blogging" because I don't always have time to post regularly. But as I have been adding new information to my website I thought this would be an easy way to notify my readers when new content was added. So as this won't be a regular posting environment, it will be a way for me to communicate with you! 

I want this website to be a great resource of information and experience. I don't know it all (not even close) but I love sharing what I have learned. I started this page a long time ago when I discovered there wasn't much information out there available for homeschooling a deaf child. But as the years have gone by (and there is still limited information available) I realized that a lot of what I share has to do with all kinds of special kids. I also have two others with learning difficulties and I use a lot of this with them too. So . . . I changed my focus a little. So while I say special kids instead of just deaf kids all my reviews will mention the deaf learner. 

Looking forward to sharing with you!

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