My son, who was diagnosed with ADHD, slow processing speeds, and a spelling disorder (whatever), has been controlled with a GF/CF diet for 2 years now. I refused medication from the neuropsycholigist and went to a chiropractor using applied kinesology. He tested Little Man and immediately realized it was a nutritional issue. Further study showed he couldn't handle gluten or casein well. This began his GF/CF diet that seemed to work, but my research didn't stop. 

I discovered there were several conditions causing sensitivities to Gluten and Casein and pin pointed which situation seemed to fit Little Man. It is where the body can't breakdown those proteins, thus producing an opiate peptide. When these reach the brain it gives him a brain fog, similar to a drug. He can't focus, think clearly, or remember anything. 

Then I learned of a urine test that could test for these peptides. I went thru all the right channels and my insurance covered the test. If this test came back negative we would have to start all over on another path. Well, I just got the results back today and it was positive. It confirms my suspicions! And now we know how to approach this. Yes it's a gut issue and will always have to be addressed with diet. 

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